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Biotechnology and Food Science

Study your master at UCT Prague

This Master study programme is primarily designed for applicants from abroad. Students are required to pay a tuition fee. All courses are conducted in English. The study programme is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and are in accordance with Bologna Process - European Higher Education Area requirements.


Biotechnology and Food Science

Biotechnology and Food Science

The programme prepares graduates to become experts with high-level knowledge in biotechnologies and bioingeneering and food science, with an emphasis on food quality and safety. The broadly designed structure of this programme—together with intentional connection between chemical, biological, and engineering education—opens a wide range of career options to graduates. The programme extends and deepens general knowledge gained at the Bachelor level in biochemistry, organic and physical chemistry, biology, microbiology, food technology and analysis, and in the fundamentals in biotechnology and bioengineering. Students may hone their expertise by properly choosing elective courses.


Graduates are prepared for highly qualified positions in biotechnological companies, in food production plants, in companies oriented to agricultural commodities, and in health care or pharmaceutical companies. They are qualified to hold positions in (bio-)process design and control and quality management in research and development departments. Due to the versatility of their education, graduates are prepared to adapt easily to changing conditions and new tasks. Graduates are also prepared for positions in administration and supervisory agencies and doctoral studies.

Programme Details

Study Language English
Duration 2 years
Form of study other , full-time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 20 students
Programme code (national) N0711A130016
Programme Code (internal) AN309

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