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Erasmus+: Before Arrival

Confirmation of Acceptance

If your application is approved, you will receive an information e-mail with instructions how to log into the Mobility-Online system which serves for administration of your application documents.  Students must not share the link, every student must log in via their individual e-mail link.

A Letter of Acceptance will be also sent to the International Relations Office at your university upon request.

If you decide not to accept your place for any reason, please inform the UCT Prague Department of International Relations as soon as possible.

Confirmation of Accommodation

If you have applied for a room in the UCT Residence Halls, you will be informed via email about the status of your application approximately 2-4 weeks before your arrival.

Notice of Arrival

The UCT Prague Department of International Relations asks you to confirm the exact date of your arrival, especially if it is after the Enrollment day of the respective semester.

  • Note: We reserve the right not to register you for studies if you arrive more than 14 days after the official beginning of the semester.

Travel Insurance

International students need to have health and accident insurance which is valid in the Czech Republic. 

EU Countries

If you are from an EU country, you can use your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This entitles you to free emergency healthcare here in Prague.

We advise you to ask your health insurance company which medical care is covered by your insurance and if it is necessary to take out an additional policy in the case of injury, serious illness, etc.

Non-EU Countries

Students from non-EU countries will submit proof of travel medical insurance as a part of their visa application to the respective Czech Embassy/Consulate.

Visa (Non-EU Students)

Non-EU students will have to apply for a student visa.

Applications must be submitted to the Czech Embassy or Consulate in the respective country (it is not possible to apply for the visa in the Czech Republic).

More information available here.


Contact your Supervisor

If you have been accepted for project work under supervision of one of UCT professors, you are expected to get in touch with them before you arrive. You will inform him/her about your arrival and arrange your first meeting.  For more information please visit the Course Catalogue section.

Buddy Request

You might be interested in having a "buddy" (i.e. student volunteer acting as a contact person). Buddies can help you get settled in your new hometown and can assist you in a number of different situations; for example, s/he can pick you up at the airport, accompany you to your residence, show you round the city, and more.

The Buddy Program is very popular among our international students, so please do not hesitate to apply for your "buddy"  at least three weeks prior to your arrival.


Medical History

We recommend you to prefill the Medical History form before your arrival in the Czech Republic and have it with you in case you will need to visit the UCT Prague doctor during your study stay at the UCT Prague.

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