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Erasmus+ Course Catalogue


Language of Instruction: English


Courses are divided into blocks A, B and C 

  • Students can combine only courses from block A and C or B and C but do NOT mix courses from A and B





  • Students can choose only within the respective level (Bachelor  or  Master). Do not combine courses from Bachelor and Master level, you will not be able to follow the courses due to timetable overlaps.
  • The course catalogue also includes the preliminary timetable but there is a possibility that the dates and times will be changed.
  • The number of courses registered per semester must be for the minimum of 20 credits.

n Due to a large number of courses offered, some schedule overlaps might occur even if you follow the instruction. 

UCT Prague uses ECTS grading scale and credit system.

Catalogues for 2018/2019 

Please read carefully syllabus, requirements, and other important information related to individual courses to avoid any misunderstandings later.

The catalogue is not final yet and is being regularly updated.

To view detailed information about the courses, click on the course code.

Project or Internship

To attend a Project or an Internship at UCT Prague, your personal initiative in searching for your UCT Prague supervisor is most appreciated - you or your home university coordinator are encouraged to address a potential supervisor directly. Links to all four faculty websites and their departments are available below. You can also ask the Faculty Coordinators to help you find a suitable supervisor.

Subsequent administrative work will be done with the Department of International Relations (contact person: Anna Eiflerova )

Please note that in case you will not have a supervisor before your arrival to Prague, you will not be able to do the internship / you will have to delete the project and replace it with courses.

If you would like to pursue a research project or an internship at the UCT, send your motivational letter, CV and Transcript of Records to the faculy coordinators and include  Anna Eiflerova  from the Department of International Relations in the CC of the email.

In your email to the faculty coordinator/potential supervisor add also these three attachments + there is space to introduce yourself, present your experiences and background, describe what area you are interested in etc. In both emails include information such as:

  1. Area of interest/topic of your work
  2. Faculty and/or department suitable for your work
  3. Your laboratory experience and scientific background
  4. UCT Prague supervisor's name (in case that you have been already in contact with him/her)
  5. If you are interested in doing a Project please indicate the type (A-30credits, B-15 credits, C-10credits)

For detailed information about how to apply for a supervisor, you can download this infosheet.

Once you are accepted for a Project/traineeship it is only possible to cancel the project/traineeship in exceptional cases (good reason should be provided, it has to be announced enough time in advance). This is because our laboratories are reserving the place for you (other applicants might be rejected, reservations for instruments are done, coworkers are registered for you etc.) which makes it very complicated for us to cancel the planned projects/traineeships at last minute.

ERASMUS+ Faculty Coordinators

Faculty of Chemical Technology

Doc. Ing. Pavel Novák, Ph.D.


Faculty of Environmental Technology

Ing. Marek Šír, Ph.D.


Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology

Ing. Irena Kolouchová, Ph.D.


Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Ing. Pavel Hrnčiřík, Ph.D

Updated: 4.4.2018 10:06, Author: Anna Eiflerová

Contact Details

Erasmus+ students
Anna Eiflerová

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
Technicka 5
166 28 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Department of International Relations (room B119)

Opening hours:

Mo & Tu - 13:30-15:30

We - Closed

Th & Fr - 9:30-11:00


UCT Prague
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6 – Dejvice
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VAT: CZ60461373

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